Tuesday, June 29, 2010
But there's an I in win.
YESLOL , someone posted that on dirty little secrets ( gaiabitches )
and yeah , i thought it was funny && cool 8 D
maaan , my blog posts are getting shorter and shorter . . .i'm planning to roleplay in the gaia forums. but i don't know . . .whats an oc? whats an rp? how does it work? and most of all , i'm fucking lazy as hell. the beginning of summer starts now. jogging in the morning afternoon and night ? hmm , idk , maybe that'll work...

I want to get that snsd body over the summer , but i just don't know how to push myself to do it.

School's out, BITCHES.
YESS! now , i get to relax & shop all around new york!
i might even ask lihn to drive down to san fransisco . . .to go to yesstyle for the first time !HAHA im so happy , and determined to start over.

- kii

Monday, June 28, 2010
I need inspiration.
Is this not enough? i know it's not. i have to push through this to get what i want. the problem is , is that it's so damn hard.

- someone help me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010
LOLOL, so i ran around central park yesterday morning. and guess what?
YEAH, i didn't do it today /LOLFAILOTL. oh my god , i'm a lazy ass. holy shit man , what am i gonna dooo ?

> by the way , superstar is on repeat 24/7

Saturday, June 26, 2010
it sounds so sexy already , even though they're only short little teeny tiny previews.
Superstar - Taeyang

I finally did it, and i'm not gonna stop. i'm going to make this a habit from now on ( :

- short post , i just thought i should share it with you guys .

Friday, June 25, 2010
I've been trying to sing this && it's stuck in my head. haha , since i'm not korean, i totally butchered the song LOL. haha , i took a video of myself singing it, but i won't bother putting it up on youtube. it would be a disgrace if i did. now i have another thing to put on my summer to do list; SINGING LESSONS. LOL
sowoneul malhaebwa
ni mamsokae itneun jageun ggoomeul malhaebwa
ni meolieh itneun isanghyungeul geulyuhbwa
geuligo naleul bwa
nan nuh eh genie ya, ggoomiya, genie ya

deulimkaleul tago dallyuhbwa
nun nae yupjaliae anja
geujuh iggeullim sokeh modoo dunjyuh
gaseum bukcha teojyeo buhlyuhdo
balam gyulae nallyeo buhlyuhdo
jigeum isoon gan sesangeun nuh eh gut

geulaeyo nan nul saranghae
unjaena miduh ggoomdo yuljungdo da joogo shippuh
nan geudae sowoneul ilyuhjoogo shipeun (shipeun) hengoonae yeoshin
sowoneul malhaebwa (i’m genie for you, boy)
sowoneul malhaebwa (i’m genie for your wish)
sowoneul malhaebwa (i’m genie for your dream)
naegaeman malhaebwa (i’m genie for your world)

HEYHEYHEY! check this girl out. her cover is just so amazing. i love her voice , especially when she hits her high notes. CHECK IT OUUUUT. d0rkiamyxd anyways , the snsd girl have pretty hot bodies don't they ? HAHA , omg i'll shut up now.

Ah, finally i can see the sun.
The cars outside actually woke me up this time. It's always pretty loud in NYC bby.
anyways, yesterday was a relief and i'm happy. today i didn't go out for a run around central park again. ooooh i'm so bad. I'LL GO TOMORROW FOR SURE. DO DOUBT.

this is a short one see you guys later.

Thursday, June 24, 2010
. . .for that call.
they haven't call yet. that's a good sign so does that mean i'm safe? it's a slow thursday afternoon and the sun finally decided to show it's face ( :
hmm , i might go out today , i need to get more active. tomorrow i'm going out for a rune FOR SURE. LOL. i've been pushing the dates back to avoid it , but i'll have to do it someday, right ? this summer is going to be brutal; a summer that will be my milestone ; a summer that i'll never forget.

Doojoon's ex && Junhyung's ex.
shocking , isn't it ?

that's my new tumble blog name ( :
you like it? you may just read it and think oh okay , cool title, but to me, there's a whole new meaning behind it. ANYWAYS , i woke up this morning hoping to forget. but apparently , i thought wrong. I want to avoid it , but how? I want to jump into a black whole and return tomorrow. Why do I fear so badly? because , they're bad influences.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
YEEEP, that what I did three hours ago DD':
it's been so long since I last played DDR and man, it's a workout. LOOL , i was going so hardcore , i was determined to get that double A score. ANYWAAAYS , i finally "rested" my eyes and am back on the compooter ; D
i was on gaia and someone posted this:
Why Choi Minho is so hot
I LOL'd. for reals now. I really LOL'd. It's gotta be the best article about Minho , EVER. HAAHAHA.

&& i joined this thing called flavors me ( :
i'll update it soon > > be sure to check it out ( :

I'm banned from the computer for a few hours today ]:
mom says I need to rest my eyes. But right now, I watching tv. Isn't that the same as staring at the computer screen? LOL, anyways, I'm watching The Tyra Banks Show && they're doing these fantasy make overs.... EEK! I feel a pimple creeping on my chin D ;
oh my, next episode of Tyra is about girls who get tattoos of their "true loves" but then break up in the end!
Aiya! What has the world come to?

-- hmmkay, commercial's over. Byebye (:


these pictures are all from i heart this.
holyy crap , how cute are they ?! my inspiration o u o

well, i've made progress since my last post.
No, i still haven't gotten my DDR out yet but I've made an i heart this && formspring account. YAY ME BEEEACHES. And yeah I posted a lot of crap on gaia & still listening to My love. Damn, maybe I should change the freaking song now. I think I've listened to it about a hundred time already. oh my lord, i sinned i just ate a big slice of greasy pizza! FFFF. i'm really bad.

- this just proves i have no self control.

i'm freaking bored as hell.
I've been sitting infront of the computer for an hour and i'm not doing anything. I'm just mindlessly staring at the screen /FAIL. hm, maybe I should find a hobby. how about origami? yeah , I like that idea. . . my sister keeps making those little paper stars. maybe i can make those too. and collect them in a cute jar. But i doubt that i'll be able to do that. After five stars i'll probably get distracted, bored, etc. ddr perhaps? nahh, too early LOL. /laziness kicks in again. On gaia, i browse through forums, but never freaking post anything.

--- what am i going to do?

I was right all along.
I woke up late & i didn't go for a rune today, LOL. Dayyyuum, i really have to start picking up my ass now. I'm a bad girl /crycry. But, i have good news. I tried on my skinny jeans yesterday and guess what? I don't have to freaking squeeze myself into them. lalala , I just slip them on and breathe. LOL, before I had to force myself into them and when I was in the jeans, i couldn't breathe at all. I've come a long way, haven't I?I'm playing DDR for sure. Imma play hard core 8DD

OMGWTF, fffff.
I am so scared of mice. I hate them. Okay, so Im lying in my bed cboxing lihn and I hear these small, faint sounds. I'm like, holy shat, mice are going to freaking eat me. Im crazy, right? okay, now since I got that out of my system, I can continue ranting. Who knew that blogging could be so addicting? This is like my third post in a row, and I maybe published around seven today. I feel that I'm able to express myself through my blog. Hehe, feels good to type away.
I know this is going to be totally off topic and has nothing to do with mice but here it goes.
so there's this guy , and I'm really starting to like him. I mean, I think this is is actually the first time I liked a guy from school. Usually, I like guys that are on television /coughcoughkoreanasianboysespecially. In every drama I've watched so far, there's always a climax; a high point in the plot; a breaking point in which the girl is usually left heartbroken. in my case, this guy just graduated this year. /sigh there's no one to blame but myself right? If only I saw him earlier. . .

anyways, I'm going to sleep now. My eyes are bloodshot and I feel like my brain deflated a bit. I'll keep you guys updated.
- goodnight

now playing: you & i ; park bom

omg, that last post was pretty long. it was more a long lecture/rant thingy. here's another thing i forgot mention before . . . im a kpop addict. I'm freaking serious guys, my iPod is flooded with Asian music! I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm Asian by the way LOL. Anyways, I live in America; the big apple to be exact. Most of my friends don't know what the hell kpop/jpop/cpop is. So that makes me the outsider of the group. Asians dominate bby, fo sho. song shuffled to gdragon 8D But for some reason, I always find myself listening to My Love by Jwalk. oh my, it's already past twleve. Crap , I'm probably gonna wake up late tomorrow.
Since I'm going on a summer diet, I've been reluctantly running & walking a few laps in the early morning. Usually I wake up at around noon, but for some really weird reason, I've changed my habits dramatically. I think it's because my brain is filled with koreans. Tomorrow, if I'm not going out for a run, I'll definitely take out my DDR, for sure.

I'm such a lazy ass

bigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbang is love.
Maybe I should stop blogging....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
So yeah,
I'm thinking of chopping my hair up. I'm planning to give myself side bangs, along with short layers; when my hair grows a bit longer. Eve since I found out about korean fashion and ulzzangs, I immediately fell in love with the style! Well I know some ulzzangs look really fake and just plain creepy; I find that most of them are really pretty. Since I'm heading for grade 11, I really want to make a difference. I want a change sortof. /ccchhhaaange! LOL, hyuna.
Ulzzang, 얼짱
a Korean term that literally means 'best face', or 'hot face' - figuratively, one damn fine looking person! But not limited to! A broader definition would be C A M W H O R E

Although I'm so into Korean style & fashion, there aren't really any shops here that have Asian clothing in stock DD':
and plus, my mom stopped giving me allowance ever since I got my first job. Yesss, staarbucks bby! Starbucks is where it's at 8D

So you know what I do? Well, I go onto Asian websites [yesstyle&girlsholic] And I just look & browse through all the pretty clothes, LOLFAIL. I tried forever21 & urban planet last week ; and no luck. Nothing here compares to the fashion in Korea and japan.

Hmmmm , maybe I'll go hunting for some clothes again when I get my paycheck /LOL
I'll be posting some links and pictures etc on this blog once I'm on the computer. Man it's do hard blogging on the iPhone, it's slow and I'm not used to it. Gah!

- I'm out, BANG ON!

HAHA , nevermind. I got it bby 8D
I got it from playlist.com. wow , i feel so stupid right now, but happy at the same time.
Man, it's already late...i wonder if i can blog from my iphon.

Okay so, yeah, i give up.
I think it's been about an hour now, and still, I can't figure out a way to put music onto my blog! I know how to put in a video, but I want a music. You know what? screw it.

so , i think i've finally tweaked this layout up :'DD
but now i need to figure out how to put the music/media on . . urghh.
Well , since i'm too lazy to do it now, i'll probably do it a little later. eek.
my stomach is grumbling , but i don't feel hungry DD': I think my stomach is getting used to all the dieting i've been doing lately. . . i'm actually doing pretty well as far as i'm concerned > u < But it would be nice if things sped up a bit /LOL

so how do you like my profile?
pretty cute huh? if only i knew how to put media on it !

kekeke . . .
i'm pretty new to this site so, i don't know what i'm doing.
at times, my page will be totally screwed up...


- kii