Tuesday, August 3, 2010
tick tock tick tock.
i'm such a fat ass. i've been eating non stop since 8.
damn it. anyways , i'm gonna try to atleast post once a day before the school year starts. I don't do anything else but eat / sleep / watch tv all day long , LOL. i'm prolly gonna hang out with kris and lihn again today. But it gets harder and harder to go to places when my leg feels like its about to fall off. i wanna get outta this hell hole pl0x.

Monday, August 2, 2010
it's been like a month since i last posted something /LOL.
but anyways, i'm going over to san jose (again) to visit jay & krystal & some cousins that i dont know. i mean, i love how asian families are gigantic. my family is probably big enough to pwn in world wars.

my crutches? they're ok.
my life? it's a blur.
random texts? i get charged now OTL.

i need to change my layout > >