Tuesday, June 22, 2010
So yeah,
I'm thinking of chopping my hair up. I'm planning to give myself side bangs, along with short layers; when my hair grows a bit longer. Eve since I found out about korean fashion and ulzzangs, I immediately fell in love with the style! Well I know some ulzzangs look really fake and just plain creepy; I find that most of them are really pretty. Since I'm heading for grade 11, I really want to make a difference. I want a change sortof. /ccchhhaaange! LOL, hyuna.
Ulzzang, 얼짱
a Korean term that literally means 'best face', or 'hot face' - figuratively, one damn fine looking person! But not limited to! A broader definition would be C A M W H O R E

Although I'm so into Korean style & fashion, there aren't really any shops here that have Asian clothing in stock DD':
and plus, my mom stopped giving me allowance ever since I got my first job. Yesss, staarbucks bby! Starbucks is where it's at 8D

So you know what I do? Well, I go onto Asian websites [yesstyle&girlsholic] And I just look & browse through all the pretty clothes, LOLFAIL. I tried forever21 & urban planet last week ; and no luck. Nothing here compares to the fashion in Korea and japan.

Hmmmm , maybe I'll go hunting for some clothes again when I get my paycheck /LOL
I'll be posting some links and pictures etc on this blog once I'm on the computer. Man it's do hard blogging on the iPhone, it's slow and I'm not used to it. Gah!

- I'm out, BANG ON!