Friday, June 25, 2010
I've been trying to sing this && it's stuck in my head. haha , since i'm not korean, i totally butchered the song LOL. haha , i took a video of myself singing it, but i won't bother putting it up on youtube. it would be a disgrace if i did. now i have another thing to put on my summer to do list; SINGING LESSONS. LOL
sowoneul malhaebwa
ni mamsokae itneun jageun ggoomeul malhaebwa
ni meolieh itneun isanghyungeul geulyuhbwa
geuligo naleul bwa
nan nuh eh genie ya, ggoomiya, genie ya

deulimkaleul tago dallyuhbwa
nun nae yupjaliae anja
geujuh iggeullim sokeh modoo dunjyuh
gaseum bukcha teojyeo buhlyuhdo
balam gyulae nallyeo buhlyuhdo
jigeum isoon gan sesangeun nuh eh gut

geulaeyo nan nul saranghae
unjaena miduh ggoomdo yuljungdo da joogo shippuh
nan geudae sowoneul ilyuhjoogo shipeun (shipeun) hengoonae yeoshin
sowoneul malhaebwa (i’m genie for you, boy)
sowoneul malhaebwa (i’m genie for your wish)
sowoneul malhaebwa (i’m genie for your dream)
naegaeman malhaebwa (i’m genie for your world)

HEYHEYHEY! check this girl out. her cover is just so amazing. i love her voice , especially when she hits her high notes. CHECK IT OUUUUT. d0rkiamyxd anyways , the snsd girl have pretty hot bodies don't they ? HAHA , omg i'll shut up now.