Wednesday, June 23, 2010
now playing: you & i ; park bom

omg, that last post was pretty long. it was more a long lecture/rant thingy. here's another thing i forgot mention before . . . im a kpop addict. I'm freaking serious guys, my iPod is flooded with Asian music! I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm Asian by the way LOL. Anyways, I live in America; the big apple to be exact. Most of my friends don't know what the hell kpop/jpop/cpop is. So that makes me the outsider of the group. Asians dominate bby, fo sho. song shuffled to gdragon 8D But for some reason, I always find myself listening to My Love by Jwalk. oh my, it's already past twleve. Crap , I'm probably gonna wake up late tomorrow.
Since I'm going on a summer diet, I've been reluctantly running & walking a few laps in the early morning. Usually I wake up at around noon, but for some really weird reason, I've changed my habits dramatically. I think it's because my brain is filled with koreans. Tomorrow, if I'm not going out for a run, I'll definitely take out my DDR, for sure.

I'm such a lazy ass

bigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbangbigbang is love.
Maybe I should stop blogging....